coaching services

As a Spiritual Guide and Plant-Based Health & Wellness Coach, I am here to help you improve your health and overall well-being by providing you with ongoing support, motivation and guidance as you start to heal from the inside out.  I believe in eating for enlightenment and want to help you rediscover your inner divine-self and live a fulfilling life with purpose, love, joy and harmony! We will work together as a team to reach your goals in gradual steps by tracking your progress and identifying personal roadblocks to help you achieve optimal health, self-love, radical authenticity and happiness. This is a team effort and I will be here to mentor you through every step of your journey as you develop a deeper understanding of everyday food and lifestyle choices that greatly transcend your health. Each program is specifically designed for each persons bio-individuality and particular dietary restrictions.  We cannot choose the genes we are given, but we can most certainly choose to either play victim or victor in our life story.  We all have ability to tap into the power and control whether a gene is expressed or not, (think epigenetics, which influences whether certain genes are switched “on” or “off”).  The body is full of intelligence and has the capability to heal itself when provided with the right nutrients to enhance our for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  

Package One

This program is all about abundance, not calorie-counting or restriction. It is embracing your true freedom and making peace with the food you put into your body for nourishment. What you put into your body reflects your emotions and thoughts just as much as your physical appearance. By integrating a plant-based diet, you can gain your life back by healing your mind, body, Spirit and expanding yourself in ways you never knew were even possible. Plants truly are a catalyst in seeing the light and beauty within and all around you. I will teach you how to develop practical and sustainable healthy habits that will empower you to take control of your life. You will feel more vibrancy, mental clarity, energy, youthfulness, better sleep, loss weight, improved digestion and immunity. You will also learn fun and creative new ways to incorporate food into your diet, learn about meal prepping and how to budget your groceries. Package 1 includes a meal plan along with Skype sessions and e-mails to keep you on track and gain a true sense of support on maintaining healthy eating habits.

Package Two

Package two incorporates all of package 1 along with with the spiritual connection with plant-based foods. Discover your confidence to create the life you want! This program aims to help reduce stress, gain more meaningful relationships and form a deeper connection with your authentic self. It is truly a cleansing of the body, mind and Spirit as we will begin to break habits that do not serve your highest potential. Plants contain the building blocks of health and energy. The frequency of plants resonate with our tissues, cells, and organs in a natural, harmonic manner. This stimulates our own frequencies and restores coherence in our auric fields. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can free your mind, body and soul from disorders, diseases, injuries, pains and mental stress. It has a huge impact on your overall performance, energy and how efficiently you can perform tasks. Nature has given us a divine gift of love through fruits and vegetables. When your body begins to cleanse physically and spiritually, it will show you how powerful and healing it feels when your cells are charged with living foods. You gain a positive, clear mind that brings attunement and alignment of life.

Package Three

Package three is focused on spiritual guidance, where we dive deep into your core essence and free yourself to become the Divine being you are meant to be. The program is a pathway to spiritual growth, to learn more about yourself, awaken your Spirit and realign your soul. I will be here to guide you into trusting your intuition, finding clarity and the answers to help you move past roadblocks in your life, develop your awareness and help you open your sacred heart to the love you deserve. We will work together to remove barriers that inhibit your expansion, manifest your hearts desire, live your life’s purpose, learn to redirect energy and give you the tools and techniques you need to drastically change your life. This is a journey, a quest for greater meaning, value and transformation. You will ascend into alignment with your Source energy and establish a relationship with your authentic-self filled with love, sincerity and presence.