Staying Balanced in Your Own Divine Beingness while Dealing with Non-Vegan Friends and Family

When I look inside my heart, I find an unconditional love that is so profound that I am in awe of it’s beauty. That pure love is a spark of Source, of God, of The Creator, whatever name you prefer and it is inside of all of us, we just need to know how to let go and access the truth of our authentic energy. When is comes to veganism, I see many who get lost in the energy of frustration which leads to fear, anger and even hate towards their fellow human beings who have not yet made the connection of the pain, suffering and abuse animals endure. It is EXTREMELY important to recognize that these energies come from density consciousness and the more you play in them, the harder it is find the joy, light and love that everything and everyone. Being in awakened consciousness is the knowing that everyone has the right to their own divine path and that judgement has no place in the higher realms. You cannot judge others with your soul leading your path. The ones who feel the need to place judgement, to be condescending and self-righteous still have their own personal healing and self mastery to prevail.

Like any change in someone’s life, it has to come deep from within. We cannot shove our perceptive down someones throat in an aggressive away and expect them to actually listen. Look at how a teenager reacts to a parent trying to control them. If we can approach situations with an open heart, with sincerity, with love and presence, it allows people to take in the information through their hearts, not their minds. Instead of being a “know it all vegan” and belittling the people around you… Show them the light, help guide them into seeing the reality of their choices and be there for them when they are ready to expand their perspective because our love should be equal for ALL beings. I continue to stand up, speak for and do my service for the animals who have no voice but I absolutely refuse play in density of the 3D and degrade another being because they don’t have capacity to see the destruction animal agriculture has on the Planet.  Stay focused on what YOU can do to stay balanced in your heart and all will come together.  Much much love and many blessings!  – Jenna ❤

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