You are beautiful 

The more beauty you see in yourself, the more beauty you will see in the world. By maintaining a high vibratory frequency of love, a love so deep you feel it within your soul, a love that can only come directly from your heart is how one can subside all fears and doubts. This enables one to stay in full confidence within their authenticity. It is a absolute knowing of all the beauty that you are. Never let anyone give you value. The totality of value comes from within. The only one judging you is yourself. Anytime you allow doubt to creep into your space, chaos and confusion will ensue which gives away your power to lower energies disconnecting you from your beingness, the true magnificent, beautiful light that you are! You are full of LIGHT child!  Remind yourself you are worthy, you are deserving, you are intelligent, you are abundant, you are love, compassion, kindness, beauty, peace, harmony, grace and so forth. Staying focused on self-love allows the sacred fire to burst like fireworks over and over again until you are so stable in your love foundation you become GOLD! You can do this and I believe in you all-ways 🙌🏻💖🙏🏻


  1. you are so incredible I just love your blog and everything you do ❤


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