Live Pure and Cutie Couture’s Earth line


Hello beautiful world!  I am so excited to announce that the amazing Cutie Couture and I have teamed up to create these energy filled headbands with love for the little goddesses in your life (sizes range from newborn to adult).  Instilling self-efficacy in our youth and being a positive role model for them is so crucial for development and you do not have to be a birthmother is effect a child’s life.  Just your presence and willingness to be a guide aiding in uplifting a child is a wonderful gift to give from your heart.  Through my interactions with children, their sense of oneness and intuition is strongly linked to their love of nature, the animals and yes, FRUIT!  Whenever I see my nieces and nephews they want which ever fruit I am consuming and will eat it until they are full.  It is such a beautiful thing to share that pure love.

Children are fascinated with all the animals and creatures that roam the Earth and feel the freedom that comes with playing outside.  It is only through society that separation begins to take form and build a belief system causing certain behaviors to take form such as eating our animals friends as meals and staying glued to the TV and iPads.  Whenever I am around any child,  I highlight all the aspects as to how we are all connected.  The importance of taking care of their body by eating healthy foods, caring for the animals and the environment.  This line is dedicated to all the amazing beings out their imprinting love of the Highest in all the little warrior priestess in their life.  These pieces are great to help brighten up any child’s auric field all while spreading the light to those they come in contact with.

Cutie Couture is generously offering 10% off their ENTIRE store using code “LIVEPURE”  They have hundreds of amazing pieces that I know you will all adore.

Simply click the picture to be directed to purchase


photo 1-3


photo 1-4


photo 2-3


photo 3-2


photo 4-3


photo 5-3

Message Cutie Couture for a custom made FREE SPIRIT HEADBAND

photo 2-4


  1. Ah they are just too precious! Congratulations on the fab collab xx


  2. These recipes take us all over the world with their exotic spices and flavors as well as take us back to our childhood favorites. Ally is a lovely, down to earth gal I met through Instagram who has quite a large social media following on both her Instagram, Tumblr, and even Youtube!


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