Melissa’s Produce


I had the pleasure of receiving some goodies from Melissa’s, a Los Angeles based company that carries a variety of organic products.  Their produce arrives straight at your doorstep still leafy and delicious!  At first, I was hesitant of how fresh it would be, but when I received my first order, all the greens and fruits were in perfect condition.  They offer different kinds of organic baskets perfect for your home, or as a gift for holidays or special events.  I haven’t come across many organic fruit/vegetable based basket products, and I can confidently say Melissa’s provides a great service!



I love how it comes with a pamphlet that explains how to care for your produce.  Not only do they have fresh fruit and vegetables, but they also carry a variety of organic dried fruits, herbs,  grains, and other great foods like tofu.  Because I eat very large quantities of fruits and vegetables, one basket lasted me about two days.   You can buy all different quantities and sizes of baskets depending on your needs and monthly supplies.  One of baskets even came with a cookbook called, “Everyday Cooking with Organic Produce,” which has recipes that anyone can enjoy (all the recipes can also be made vegan).  The book is an amazing glossary with seasonal organic produce and I love how every fruit and vegetable in the cookbook is categorized and explained.  It details everything from when certain foods are in season and their availability to how to buy and store them.  Melissa’s is a great company that cares about health, the environment and taste!  Check out their site at  ENJOY!! Xx





  1. This looks so good Jenna!! Thank you again for this review and I Hope you enjoy all the delicious produce!!


  2. Did you find it was more expensive to order from them? I went onto their site after finding it on your blog and one onion was nine dollars! Thoughts?


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