My Experience with the Blendtec Designer Series Blender


If you are thinking of making a transition into a raw food diet, or just want to start eating healthier, a high quality blender is a must-have.  There are many reasons having a blender is important, one of which is how it opens up your “cooking” options in a variety of way.  Eating whole, raw plants is essential for our bodies to thrive, but some people find eating them to be repetitive and boring.  Having a great piece of equipment in your kitchen can transform your world!

DSC_7967xcupcakeCarrot cupcakes with dates and cashew cream

I recently added the Blendtec Designer Series blender to my appliance collection.  When I first saw it, I was immediately drawn to its sleek, modern design.  The touchpad control interface is simple and fun to use and has a variety of automated functions.  Some of the functions include: ice crush, smoothie, ice cream, whole juice (this leaves the fibers in, so if you want a smoother juice, try straining it), soups, and batters. It’s also great for mixing and whipping sauces, dressings, and dips.  When you select a blend mode, a digital display shows how much longer until the food is ready.  Each function has a unique tempo that speeds up/slows down when blending and turns off automatically when the cycle is complete.  If you want to have more control with how to blend your food, the Blendtec also offers a manual control setting with a slide bar including ‘Up’, ‘Down’ and ‘Pulse’ buttons.  It comes in four colors (black, red, cream, and champagne), which makes it easy to find a match for your kitchen.

DSC_7897soupMint pea soup

I use mine at least two times a day.  With the right amount of liquid, the Blendtec blender creates creamy smoothies with no chunks.  It is especially good for green smoothies.  The Blendtec comes with the Wildside jar, which has five sides (this helps your food whip easily and blend evenly) and is made with a BPA-Free co-polyester plastic.  The blades are durable and incredibly strong, which is excellent for blending vegetables for whole juices.  It has a unique design compared to other blades with two thick steel prongs that is great for both wet and dry blending.  The blades are not too sharp or pointy and it is nearly impossible to get cut on them, which is a huge plus (I’ve seen a few blender blade injuries in my life!)

DSC_0139pourGreen smoothie

I also have the Twist Jar add-on, which is amazing for grinding almonds and other nuts into meal or butter in no time.  It’s the perfect size for dressings, hummus, making raw flours and nut creams.  It is a MUST have, I love it!  The Designer Series is a nice size and fits perfectly under cabinets or on the kitchen counter.  Clean up is also a breeze.  Just rinse, add water with a little bit of soap and run.  You don’t need to untwist the bottom on the jar to clean the blade like traditional blenders either.

DSC_6782x copyblogCoconut cream with the Twist Jar

Although I’ve generally had a great experience with the Blendtec, I do have a few issues with how it operates.  The first three weeks I had it, the base of the blender was malfunctioning.  Every time I selected one of the functions, the error icon would display, disallowing me to use the blender.  I would have to keep hitting the buttons until it worked, but thankfully after a few weeks it started to work properly.  I also find the lid to be too thin and flimsy.  The first time I made a green smoothie, the lid popped off and smoothie went everywhere.  While the Wildside jar has the ability to hold/blend 64 oz, I recommend only filling it to that capacity if you plan to hold the lid when blending.  If you want to set and forget, I wouldn’t fill it too far past the 36 oz line.

DSC_7854xhumusButternut squash hummus

All in all, I would highly recommend the Blendtec Designer Series.  It’s easy to use and has a variety of functions, so it works great for both beginners and those more experienced with preparing a raw diet.  It might take a little getting used to the nuances of the blender, but it’s a great investment and can truly fit any of your cooking needs.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments or what experiences you’ve had with it!

DSC_0202xPistachio butter


  1. I am in love w/ my Blendtec also.
    How can I follow your blog, email option?? I refuse to do Facebook ;( But am on IG but would love to know when you post new blog posts.
    Peace & Raw Health,


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