Raw Cranberry Relish


Thanksgiving is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy!  Here is a raw twist on a classic Thanksgiving dish: cranberry sauce.  I used to love cranberry sauce when I was younger, so this year, I wanted to make a raw version of one of my favorite holiday sides.  This dish is great because it can be enjoyed by everyone at the dinner table and can be served with any non-raw Thanksgiving favorite!  Cranberries tend to be tart, so the dates and persimmons are a perfect way to balance out the flavor.  Cranberries rank up at the top of fruits that contain antioxidants to help fight disease and combat free radicals, which can damage cellular structure. They act as an anti-inflammatory and help support a healthy immune system by flushing out harmful toxins.  They are great in fighting harmful bacterias like E. coli  which can lead to UTIs.  These little berries are also high in vitamin C, fiber and have cancer-preventive benefits.  Not only is this recipe healthy and delicious, but it only takes five minutes to make.  Serve it as a side or topping to any holiday dish, it will be a sure hit!

Note: When ripe, hachiya persimmons will be soft and delicate to touch.



Yields 2 Cups
Raw Cranberry Relish
  • 2 cups Cranberries 
  • 4 Medjool dates (fresh)
  • 3 Persimmons (hachiya)
  • 1 Large Gala apple (chopped)
  1. Cut off the tops of the persimmons.
  2. Place into food processor and pulse a few times.  Remove and place into medium size bowl.
  3. Place dates into the food processor and pulse a few times.  Remove and mix into bowl.
  4. Place chopped apples and cranberries into food processor and pulse several times until desired texture.  Mix into bowl and ENJOY!! Xx


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